Thursday, June 28, 2007

more possums

Possum beanies and pants set - on special at only $60.00 NZ for the set, that's a saving of $30.00, great overseas gift - this set weighs in at less than 50 grams!

The response we have had at the Luxury Market has been amazing, it is lovely to meet customers and potential cutomers, and the feedback is so affirming, it is so nice to have the public tell us that we are on the right track.

This week we had comments like "this could be sold in Trelise Cooper's shop" "do you make those in adults sizes?" (yes I can make the beanies for adults) and about 50 "divine" s! I also appreciate so much that people understand that although the main fabric is generally machine knitted (hand framed) there are hours and sometimes days of hand finishing in each garment - you wouldn't ask a dressmaker if she wove the fabric herself - but occasionally I have met people who have disregarded hand framed knitwear as somehow "lesser" that somehow you just throw the yarn at the machine and it throws back a completed garment - believe me that is not how it works - knitting machines are fickle beasts and you need your wits about you at all times in order to avoid mistakes.

At the last market before this one I met a lovely lady with a new baby, I was frantic at the time and couldn't talk to her more - but if you are the woman with the baby in the shade covered stroller - email me, I'd love to talk to you more about designs and your suggestions.

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