Friday, April 4, 2008

first of a few

skater skirt knitted with naturally merino et soie 8 ply - pattern available soon
So, the Gymslip dress was a nice experiment and has the potential for further use, the pattern will be filed away under "dresses" to be re-visited when the time is right.

Presently the time is right for skirts - as mentioned in the previous post, and although the ideas are now on paper instead of rattling around in the head I have had not had time to develop them further - except for the skater style, the pattern for which I had promised to a fellow Raveller (as a de facto test knit.) I knitted the pattern again myself, and am still delighted with the way the ruffles have turned out - I find with design that it is the accidents which can take you down roads that you never knew existed.
This skirt fits from waist to just above the hip, decreasing the amount of bulk when you have a sweater over and leggings under, it then swirls out massively into very satisfying ruffles, a twirly skirt that will have little girls spinning themselves dizzy!
The hem casing was the only part which caused me problems, I joined the hem edges and cast off at the same time, which created a ridge which appears to me to be a potential source of irritation, I want the hem to close onto the inside so that buttonhole elastic can be used (so good for growing children) I can't tolerate that ridge...some further experimentation is required - but I think I have the answer. I also have to decide wether to add a bit to the skirt - I see potential for a little swing style top...but I have the other skirts to work out patterns for!!
That is - when I have finished these orders, and my nephew's Weasley sweater...

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! This is my first time with this blogging stuff, so I'm not sure I'm in the right place...ANYWAY,
I'm working on your beautiful Fairytale Dress and I'm confused. The skirt and bodice are done, but I can't see where the ribbing under the arms is cast off. I've put the underarms and back on holders and will have to tie on to work the front? Can you help me?!
Yummy at