Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Megs

2 year old size
newborn size

thanks to Meg (Daysfull on Ravelry) the name of this garment was easy!

meet Roaring Meg - sizes 2-10 years and Roaring Meg Lite - sizes newborn, 6 mths and 1 year (the lite refers to the fact that the first 3 sizes are worked in DK yarn and the remaining 4 sizes in bulky)

The pattern is not ready, but will be available soon (No Riverstone dramas with this baby!)

too damn cute! if I do say so myself.


Calypso said...

Oh, they're gorgeous. It makes me want to pull out my knitting needles and have a go. But I know that after two rows I'd just be throwing them down again in exasperation at my inability to knit properly.

Ruby Girl said...

Very cute. There is such a difference between newborn and two years. And after seeing how much my grand-daughter has grown in her 4 weeks of being here is just amazing, not to mention I will need to keep knitting larger sizes already.

Jillian said...

so cute! I love the cream with sage green ribbons.