Thursday, November 6, 2008


final drama assessment "revenge of the Amazons" result? excellence!

today is "clearance" day for Blaise, it is the day she will square away 13 years of school life and prepare for the great leap into adulthood, my baby will gather her schoolbooks, assignments, photography folios, drama reviews, short stories, history essays and a great deal of goodwill from teachers and peers alike, she will receive a written testimonial which will smooth her way into tertiary education and she will rehearse for her graduation on monday, which will be the family's turn to say goodbye to 17 years of having a child in the school system.

It's a big day for this Mummy.

I raised these girls alone with occasional interference from their father until Blaise was 9, then we built a new family with Flash and his girls, and they are living proof that a concerned and interested sole parent with a supportive extended family can raise well-balanced, successful and delightful children. Yay team!

And in knitting news?

Victoria is currently being tested - 8 sizes from birth to 6 years, insturctions for 4ply and DK yarn , plain or with stripes.

The Aviatrix helmet has been a big hit on Ravelry - go and check it out if you are a member - there are some gorgeous babies with their lovely cheeks framed by this cute hat.


sue said...

What a gorgeous jacket. I cannot wait for the pattern to be released.

Libby said...

Take lots of time to reflect on your parenting acheivements. It can't have been easy and it truly sounds like you've done a fab job. ENjoy the graduation, can't imagine what that will be like, I was terrible when my youngest started school! Well I'll get (hopefully!) another 10yrs to prepare myself........
Give yourself a big pat on the back

Leeanne said...

Victoria is lovely. I love the detail.

ps. I updated my blog too.

Corrie said...

oh wow your patterns are just fabulous! I can't wait to make the hats and can't wait to get my hands on that new pattern.....

oh and yeah for your daughter!

Alison said...

I'm gettimg misty eyed at the end of kindergarten, let alone the end of school alltogether. It seems so far away...but I know it will be upon me in a flash.

Credit to both you and Flash.