Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Did I show you this? It's my first real handspun yarn. I dyed the superwash merino roving by pouring the dye on and cooking in the microwave, after it was dry I spun it on my Ashford Traveller and plied it (not as well as I would have liked - I've rectified that with the purchase of a tensioned lazy kate)

I then washed the skein, spun it round my head like an idiot to disperse a lot of the water, dried it safely away from the cats, and knitted it into this

1.2.3. aaaaahhhhhhh

It's the first hat for the Eden Campus babies


grannyg said...

hey thats awesome! Love how the colours knitted nicely into the segments.
well done!

knitabulous said...

That's it. Our friendship is over. How dare you go over to the darkside.

(HEY - my word verification is alisa. Not quite but very close!)