Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time for a somoko

Flash wants a new vest, he has 2 I have knitted him previously - 1 in black italian wool with a marled grey neckband, and the Manly beach vest.

Last year I discovered Somoko by Fleece Artist, a very touchable yarn comprised of merino, kid, nylon and silk - it is designed for socks, but when I realised it came in my favourite Fleece Artist colourway "Ebony" I knew it was for Flash's new vest.
The colourway is exquisite - when knitting it I think Gentleman's clubs, tobacco, mahogany, cognac, cigars, deep buttoned leather. I know this is not PC of me - but, meh! that's the way it is. The skein arrives looking just deep brown, but when you start working with it you realise it has enormous depth - which I of course cannot capture with the camera.

Anyway, I've swatched and swatched, and Flash and I have agreed on this one - it's a tiny cable and slip st pattern which makes the most of the colours, avoids pooling and isn't very bulky.
Now to draught the pattern and get started, it will be worked flat, as I feel side seams are needed to stop it from bagging, with a medium depth v-neck, the borders will all be worked in the same colourway but it's a straight 4 ply merino.
Bets are now on to see if I finish it this year!

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genny said...

veerrry nice!