Saturday, August 29, 2009

Naming rights

More kit knitting: a cardigan version of the cap sleeved singlet - this time in one my hand dyed colourways - I have finally decided on my sport-weight yarn - it is a blend of merino, bamboo and silk - not really machine wash, but I have washed it on a "handwash"setting and it is fine.

I have not sourced my worsted weight yet, I'll be trying some local contacts in the next few weeksto see if they produce what I am looking for, soft, superwash and sproingy (remind me to look up the technical term for "sproingy")

Neither the yarn nor the colourway nor the garment have a name as yet, I was almost there with the colourway - but then
The close-up shows the colours slightly better - but still not right, I'm in the middle of reworking my workspace - a permanent light box will be part of the set up as getting the photographs right is vital. The colours here are a speckled range of pale green, pale aqua, cream and a range of greys. This dyeing method does not produce pooling, so even short rows do not differ much from the rest of the fabric. The gorgeous buttons are part of my French haul.

The plan for the kits is this: source yarn, design sport weight and worsted weight patterns, decide on colourways (at present I have: 3 plant dyes, 4 speckled as above, 3 saturated solids and 3 soft solids - I think thats enough!) design packaging and marketing and then - launch!
So far almost everything has been done - except the worsted of course. There is the "garter plain and simple" range which you have seen some of, and the "moving on" range which is for knitters with a bit more experience.
There is no time frame here - I'm just working away at it and it will all come together organically, all in good time.
I can give you bit of a hint about some of the previous secret projects now - go visit my friend Maree's blog to get some hints!

The latest secret knitting has been finished and sent - very exciting also - but there will be a terribly long wait before I can say anymore.

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