Monday, October 19, 2009

Countdown - yarn colours

here are the colours I'm offering for the first round of kits
The yarn is "Biba" a blend of wool, bamboo and silk, very soft and cushy!

my research suggested that people wanted a softer than usual pink, but a brighter than usual blue and some colours not usually available for babies.
Here are my basics:
cotton pink
sky blue
just olive

mercury grey

the winter dapple you have met before

the summer dapple - bright blues, yellow and greens
a small range to start, I'd rather react to client's requests to develop further colourways.
It's all coming together, patterns are written, bags printed, supplies ordered.
and these special colourways are for starter kits - tiny projects for tiny people


Susan said...

Oh! These colors are Just Right. I can hardly wait to see the kits for sale.

Ruby Girl said...

The colours look just great, the pink is just right and so it the blue.

Julia said...

Love the look of your hand-dyed yarns and kits! Very clever! Are you considering selling yarn on it's own so not part of a kit?