Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti update

on behalf of the wonderful people who purchase my patterns I have just made our first donation to Doctors without Borders

$105.00 AU which translates to $95.00 US !!!

I've decided to keep the $2.00 donation from the proceeds of every "Garter stitch plain and simple" e-book as a permanent thing, so it will continue when this 20% of everything donation ends.

(please excuse my loose grasp of English, I'm heaps bettter but still a bit fuzzy!)


Pooch said...

Congratulations to you for what you are doing to help others, God bless you.

knitabulous said...

You are such a generous lady, and a wonderful idea to keep a percentage of sales going after the Haiti crisis has passed. Crises pass, but there are sill those who need our help.

I'm glad you're back on your feet. Do you feel different without those bits?