Sunday, April 4, 2010

time to breathe

the past year has gone by in a bit of a blur, I have felt so unwell for most of it and I don't funtion well in that state.
Since my operation I have felt "normal" again, felt like my old self and the brain is once again firing on all cylinders - amazing the difference having that ovary removed has made - my system is no longer being poisoned on a daily basis.

I also have so much more energy! I can work much longer now, and am no longer making the silly mistakes I had been constantly making up until recently, I feel I can trust my brain again!

While I have been recuperating I have been finishing my WIPs - here is Flash's sweater-vest which I started almost a year ago and have finally finished! I have no photos of him wearing it yet, and will knit a newborn version in the same colours for him and his Grandson-to-be to wear together, then there will be gorgeous photos and a pattern in a multitude of sizes from newborn to great big man! link to Ravelry page here (anyone can view)

This weekend Flash and I went away for a mini-trip - 3 days in New Plymouth, about 5.5 hrs drive south of Auckland, we visited the glow worm caves at Waitomo and even saw an angora rabbit being shorn!


Libby said...

Glad to hear you are on the 'up-side' since your surgery and have had a nice mini-break away. We've seen those bunnies shorn too, quite bizarre I thought after living on a sheep farm!

Catherynne said...

So great you're feeling better. Glad I saw that vest all close-up-and-personal like, because the stitch pattern is awesome!

Ruby Girl said...

Nice to hear you are feeling your good old self again. The vest is very nice and will look great in a newborn size. How special it will be for them to have a matching vest.