Sunday, May 30, 2010


so that pattern which I designed in a frenzy 2 days before being admitted to hospital and leaving my poor test knitters unattended (they pulled together and did me proud!) is now for sale on Ravelry and my ETSY page (where you can also purchase a cottage licence if you so desire)

I tried to stay away from licences in the past, however the custom knitting contingent is large and well organised - so after a few emails I have relented.
The cottage licence style I have decided to run with is very simple - no follow ups, nothing more to pay, and a lifetime of use and looks like this:

- you have a lifetime license to use the pattern/ebook  to produce garments for sale, so long as they are handmade and not commercially produced (i.e. not made by outworkers or in a factory)

- you will never have to pay any additional charges or fees in relation to this license

- this license is for garments only – you may not sell the patterns.

- you may use my name when you sell these garments (e.g. “as designed by Justine Turner of JustJussi”) or not at your discretion, however the garments are not to be marketed as your own design

- this license also gives you the right to produce garments for sale (under these same conditions) using any of my previously published patterns (published prior to 01 May 2010) that you purchase or download – yes even the free ones!
Who knows what I will be doing in the next few years, I am not interested in chasing licensees with a multitude of rules - I sum this up as a "play nice" ethic.
Anyway - back to my darling Ember - very quick, not absolutely simple - but once you have knitted one and understand the construction they become addictive - I made my latest one in 4 hours! The pattern works well with the Aviatrix hat - with it's garter ridges, so leftover yarn can be put to good use. I used Cleckheaton Folklore which is a thick/thin yarn which knits up as a bulky - however it is listed on Rav as a super bulky - which I just don't agree with, I got the same gauge with Cleckheaton kaleidoscope and Malabrigo worsted which are both singles yarns and work beautifully with this design.
Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me about my illness, I'm on the mend and determined not to let it happen again, sometimes we just have to slow down and listen to our bodies (ok, I have to slow down and lsiten!) I'm back at work, and oh so lucky that I work part time, I couldn't have managed otherwise. Flash and Blaise are doing most of the housework, I just pop dinner into the crockpot while I am active in the morning, so that I can just fall into my chair and knit or read when I get home in the afternoon - the daggy old crockpot is an absolute lifesaver!
Baby update: due on saturday  5th June - saw Maria yesterday, she looks as though if you poked her she would pop! unfortunately his head is still not engaged - so I ordered her to squat while watching tv and to take lots of long walks, here's hoping this child arrives this week as Grandad is off to China next monday!

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