Tuesday, May 11, 2010


thank you for the lovely comments and emails re: my previous post, sometimes I wonder if I am in the right line of work - and after the post and talking with a friend I realise that it is my ability to fall apart after a meeting like this that makes me able to be responsive and caring, so I'll stick at it.

If you follow my Ravelry activity the way I follow some of yours you will have noticed a flurry of FO's recently, hats for Blaise started last winter, socks for my Dad for last Christmas...I have undertaken never to have more than 2 wips (one more difficult for home, one easy for spare moments) and madly finished everything I have - now I just have to apply the same discipline to my pattern writing (I have 4 waiting to be transcribed, 2 waiting to be tested and 5 which have had the basic worked out and need knitting) I had a basket full of wips and it felt so good to actually finish them!

I have just about finished the little hoodie for TJ (the name we have given the Grandson to be as we are pretty sure the parents are going to name him after his father) on my needles and then hopefully I can get back to working on my stuff, as he now has a blanket, a multitude of hats, long socks, soakers, longies, singlets, 2 sweaters and 2 cardis, I'll wait to see what he looks like and what colours suit him before I knit any more.

Lastly, I have been receiving a lot of emails recently from home based knitters wanting to buy cottage licences for my patterns, this is something I have mostly stayed away from in the past - my Dolly Mixture e-book allows purchasers to sell the garments they make with those patterns, but for the rest of my patterns I have always worked on a case by case basis.

I have decided to make the "Garter stitch plain and simple" e-book available with a one off lifetime licence to those home based knitters who knit for profit. $30 US and 30 only available at my ETSY store.

I am not going to provide licences for sale retroactively for any of my other previously published patterns - knitters who have already requested permission will keep it, and I will continue to grant permission to those who take the time to email and ask me.

(as you can see this post was never going to be about REAL housekeeping - I try to keep that to a minimum!)

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