Thursday, July 1, 2010

Work in progress

I have no "baby in knits" photo for you yet, so you will have to make do with another wip - my studio.

I'm in a lucky position - the combination of living in a big family home which now contains a small family and having a darling husband who is happy to give up most of our upstairs lounge for my knitting pleasure (note the TV and Lazyboy - my concession to his comfort) so that we can still be together while I am working - when we moved in we shared this room as an office, but when the girls started moving out he took over one of their rooms as an office, and he does monopolise the garage - so technically he still has much more room than I do!

this is where I actually draw and design the garments - looking out over the hillside of kauri forest

we still have loads to do in here...the lighting is shocking (the replacements are stacked behind the couch day) the "things that cover the tops of the curtains" need to be ripped out so that shutters can be fitted, and the whole thing re-painted and re-carpeted, we have chosen a new white couch to replace the chairs, and a coffee table (for crafternoon teas!) which is waiting to be whitewashed...time, time, time!

the view from my desk

the units full of yarn...

I love that this room is so light, I love the fireplace which warms it up so quickly and I love the way the view of the bush changes every day.

the other desk where the rest of the work is done

and Frasier's bed
it is comfortable, easy-going and friendly (and when Blaise moves out - and her room becomes a home theatre...this room will be mine all mine!)

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knitabulous said...

It looks very spacious and light Jussi - and I love that Flash wants to be with you even when you're working.. so cute..