Thursday, February 24, 2011

catch up

just a wee catch up about the family in Chch.

Holly got her meds before she expired from the pain of a sore back (skiing injury) and abdominal surgery, her painkillers had been very carefully balanced and timed prior to the quake, but after the quake the pharmacist wouldn't fill her (hospital issued) prescription, luckily her Aunt in law is a GP and she told them which emergency pharmacy to go to, to ensure Holly maintained her pain relief schedule.

Power has been restored to their home, water and sewage are a long way off (in the Mayor's words the sewerage system is "munted") but they can get water from nearby, visit family and friends for laundry and showers, and my darling Flash has organised a Portaloo so poor Holly doesn't have to worry so much about her hygiene (yes they are letting their close neighbours use it)

They have discovered their very own "water feature" it's bubbling out of a crack in their driveway, I hate to think what has caused it, but it's not causing any damage!

Holls is determined to stay put, I admire her spirit, but I also want to drag her home to Auckland, where she can be safe (surrounded by upwards of 40 dormant volcanoes...)

Love and thoughts to all in Christchurch, or with family and friends there, if you need help just ask - we are all sitting here ready, willing and able.


Jan said...

Aussies and Kiwis are made of tough stuff, Jussi. I'm not surprised that they are there even with a portaloo!

I hope she recovers quickly even with less than optimal arrangements.

Joan said...

Glad they're both safe and well. Take care!

KathyR said...

I'm so glad that your loved ones are safe and well!

Leeanne said...

i am soo glad to hear your family is safe. The pictures we're seeing are horriffic and we're also sitting here but unable to help. Hope your daughter's recovery is swift and painfree.

portable toilet guy said...

Hear Hear to all the good wishes sent. We here in the UK are thinking of you all too.