Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's the small things...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm not a girly girl like my friend Ailsa the style goddess, I know bugger all about fashion rules and shoes (I do love shoes - but I buy what I like, not what's in fashion), or what order moisturiser, primer, and that concentrated eye gunk go on before the makeup, generally I just rock up to a makeup counter in the department store once a year and say "halp"

But I do like my handbags.

Last year I bought the Monroe from Namaste, I love my Monroe - it is red, it fits the ipad as well as tons of other "essentials"and it is comfortable as well as stylish. Unfortunately whilst in Chile I was on the receiving end of many jokes due to the size of my handbag (I still don't think it is THAT big) and although I am a grown up in my (early) 40s, I am still subject to the odd effects of peer pressure.

Luckily Namaste make the Bitty Bag, it is all style on the outside and fun on the inside, black and simple outside, flouro hedgehog print nylon inside!

it doesn't fit the ipad, but then that doesn't go everywhere with me anyway, and it does fit a sock-in-progress (essential) it's the perfect bag when I don't actually want to make a statement, because sometimes I just want to fit in... except for the knitting thing - they can always spot me because for some reason not everyone is doing it!

(ps, dear Namaste people, I took your photos, but not your bandwidth - hope you don't mind)


knitabulous said...

Surely you are taking the piss.

I think the bigger the handbag, the smaller you look. It's a big drawcard for me!

But a really big bag is always inconvenient, I'm always rummaging in it. I have discovered recently the tote AND the handbag combo works very well for me.

Jealous of the ipad times a million.

KathyR said...

Gee, thanks, SO much! I have the Monroe, and love it, but like you I sometimes feel it is a little large. Now I want the Bitty Bag. Great! Just when I'm trying to cut down on my spending. I wonder what colour I would choose...