Saturday, March 12, 2011

where was I?

blogging will resume in earnest shortly, however I have a chest infection and horrid cold currently so have exiled myself to the couch where I am happy with the knitting, ipad, remote, water and tissues oh and a very heavy cat.

The world is a sad place right now, you all know why - and knitting has really helped me to stay calm and centred, I have managed to knit 4 hats and 1/2 a pair of socks while I have been couchbound and expect to be knitting the same sorts of mindless things for the coming week as illness and math are not happy bedfellows.

Please where ever you are in the world - look after one another and stay safe x x

I'll leave you with a photo of my cheery pixie in one of her new hats (and my new scarf)

the hat is a panda hat - made up on the spot as I knitted, she is now tucking the brim under which looks loads better than here. The scarf is the Infinity scarf  from KnitPurl Hunter just perfect in Dream in Color "Starry"

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