Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Friday - and the winners are...

Wow, what lovely comments, you are all so sweet. I'm glad you like the look of this set, I really enjoy knitting them myself as winding down-time knitting.

I used a random number generator to choose, and the winners are 3, 8 and 6

thats Saim24, Charlotte and Kelly, I'll gift the pattern via Ravelry so it won't clog up your inboxes!

So, this is the new Free Friday, every week I will ask a question, if you want to win the pattern of the week you leave an answer and the following friday I'll draw a name at random, even if you have won before.

Next weeks pattern is Little Plum blossom cardigan (here is the Ravelry link)

so tell me...what is your favourite knitting technique? something that makes you feel clever or makes your finished garment more polished, something that makes you want to do the happy dance (even if you only dance on the inside) for beginners it may be learning to decrease, for others learning to knit with beads gives them a thrill, for myself at the moment it is learning new ways to incorporate sleeves, I love the way the sleeves are worked in the Plum Blossom, it's super easy once you know how!

So, come on then tell us all  - so that we can all learn more together!


Jan said...

That's a sweet little cardi .

Tips? I've been knitting on and off since childhood and that's quite along time ago. When I started again in earnest about twelve years ago I was given a tip which can save much grief. Every row, examine your knitting. Learn to read it and see how it should go. It can save untold grief many rows down the track when a missed yarnover raises its ugly results, or a cable crossed the wrong way has been done or an KKnit 2 together where it should have been an SSK.

Now if only I could be true to my tip!

Christina said...

Oh, I have SO much to learn as a knitter! And there really is something new to learn with it everyday. Nobody in my family knits so they're all very impressed with everything I make. But it's usually the patterns with some sort of pattern incorporated-- whether it be a simple seed stitch or lattice or even an interesting rib like the Cinnamon-- that really seem to impress. And really seem to make me feel proud :)

I just adore the Plum Blossom cardigan. I've never seamed (yes, I know, but it's true) so this would be a great, great chance to learn something new. Thanks so much for the chance!
(waldomd on Rav,

cguard(on rav) said...

Having picked up knitting again after many years I think I was most tickled when I finally figured out wrap and turn doing the short rows on your aviatrix. It was the proverbial light bulb going off when I understood I was doing the shaping by wrapping and turning. I was very proud of myself and thankful to my friend who had made the hat and kept saying you can do it! That would be my tip - the buddy system keeps one from hibernating projects!

KathyR said...

Oooo, Plum Blossom! So cute for little girls!

My favourite technique is one that I learned just recently because I am really not good at sewing up, especially setting in sleeves. Even after so many years experience. :( Yay for the internet - I have learned to pick up the stitches around the armscye and knit short-row sleeves top down. A much better result for me and means that I actually finish my projects.

Charlotte said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the Baby Basics ebook. It was a lovely surprise to find the message from Ravelry in my inbox.

I've just turned the heel on my first sock and was amazed how simple it was. I've been avoiding socks for years ..... I have no idea why??

Anonymous said...

Plum Blossom is lovely. Just right for my wee grandaughter!
Colourwork makes me feel like a real smarty pants! I've only done a few projects using it, but I feel really pleased with them, and am planning more!

Anonymous said...

I wrote the last comment about colourwork, and forgot to leave my name.
Great to see you in Napier!
Karen (otagogirl on Rav).

Anonymous said...

Love knitting circular and not having to seam, it changed my life when I discovered circular needles LOL... I'm partial to a picot cast off to "pretty up" an item though

Bec aka steppinginwater on ravelry

Carla said...

for me its been everything i have learnt so far knitting, i have tried to learn how to knit countless times over the years, this time i think ive got it! i learnt to crochet first and that gave me the pathway to knitting. increasing, decreasing, YO, but the very first thing that made me jump around the room was when i learnt the long tail cast on, i was so proud of myself haha :)

Carla :)
aka Mama-c on rav
yngmamac on twitter :p x

Anonymous said...

for me it would have been beading using a fine crochet hook. So much easier than threading all those damn beads on the yarn first. Who ever invented that deserves a medal.


AKA Knitwytch on RAV

Saisquoi said...

My absolute favorite knitting technique has got to be turning heels. It's like magic every. single. time.

Karen said...

I guess that my favorite is the use of a life line when knitting lace. I can't tell you how many times I have rejoiced because I put a life line in - of course its not as many times as I have cursed becasue I didn't put one in - but I every once and a while I like feeling that I am smarter than my knitting!