Monday, October 24, 2011

New design tuesday

Very early tomorrow morning my Mama and I are off on an adventure of epic proportions (if only in terms of shopping) we are flying to the South Island, staying in the beautiful Hanmer Springs and spending a day at the Culverden fete which sounds very exciting (and very good for Christmas presents for those who are difficult to buy for), then we get to spend a day catching up with Holly, now that they are finally back in their house (can't wait to see it!)

So I am rushing around washing and tidying, trying to get things organised before I leave (CAT FOOD!) touching up my (grey) roots (do you know I started going grey at 19 and now 2 of my girls have greys at 20 and 22, apparently my great grandmother was fully grey by 30!) anyway...and sewing ribbons onto my floppy sunhat, oops and packing.

Due to past experience I am only taking my Pimpelliese shawlette to work on (as I don't think I'll get much knitting done) and will hope to find some nice yarns at the fete or in Christchurch.

I've just finished a button up version of Katie Snowflake in Malabrigo Rios (this yarn is in my top 5 all time lovely yarns) and I'm really happy with how the longer armholes look, and the lace pattern still looks great even in the multicoloured yarn.

The sweater is still in the testing phase, as is the Cherub (almost done) it will be ready soon!

Have a great week everyone!

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