Monday, December 12, 2011

New design tuesday - tuesday again so soon??

My new work/life is going well, I am enjoying my job again and feeling like I can actually make a difference to people's lives. The weekends are spent relaxing and doing weekend stuff instead of fretting about the JustJussi work that needs to be done, and then on monday/tuesday I get to do what I love.

This weekend we bought some wooden trays from one of our favourite cafes - these trays are currently being used as partitions in the cafe, which is in an old warehouse but were previously used to dry wine gums, jelly snakes and other lollies at the Cadbury factory nearby. They are awesome - no nails, screws or glue are used to make them as they are food grade, they just needed a scrub to get rid of the candy drips and they are good as new for using as serving trays.

I used one to make a driving course for Cody to play with, loaded it with different textures, roads, water, fields and forest. I'm really happy with it and he ran straight to it and played with it all evening, so we are all happy!

Here he is locked into his seat - when a small person eats strawberries in this manner they have to be restrained, lest carnage be wrought upon the soft furnishings!

I released my Katie Snowflake pattern yesterday, go and have a look at this gorgeous version by Sbub on Ravelry, the colour is just amazing and her daughter is the sweetest thing!

Aria, Evie and Cosset are all coming along well - we will have a entire wardrobe of knits for bigger kids before too long!

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