Sunday, December 25, 2011

What a Merry Christmas!

it's 26/12/11 here, and Christmas was lovely despite the fact that we weren't all together.

The girls, their husbands/partners/child came with Gordon and I to see my parents and grandparents for the great pressie swap - which went well for all involved, I was given some beautiful blue glass circs and 2 sets of needles from The turn of the century store, which are just lovely.

I'm going to be quick, basically because Holly is here and I just want to hang out with her and Nick before they go back to Christchurch...the reason I didn't post on friday was that Chch was hit with more earthquakes and the airport closed...luckily their flight was booked for 8.20 pm, and the airport reopened in time for their flight to come and and get them, the got to Auckland around midnight thankfully.
So, on friday I was not in any fit state to blog or think, I just wanted my girl safe.

Free friday will be back in a couple of weeks, we have visitors and holidays so I'm trying to take the pressure off myself.

And as for the winners? all of you my dears, all of you lovely people who said 'Hi" and brightened my day will get a copy of Katie Snowflake via Ravelry.

Merry christmas and Happy New Year!


Charlotte said...

what a lovely surprise to find a new pattern in my library today. Thanks for your generosity and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Jan said...

I was out all yesterday and came home about midnight to find a lovely surprise email and link. Thank you for your generosity, this one looks like Miss Seven and her slightly older sister.

I hope all is well with your family, particularly those in Christchurch. I have a good friend there and she was horrified by these new quakes. She says everyone has had more than enough.

Sparkle and Co said...

Merry (belated) Christmas!!! Hope you enjoyed it with your family!!!


Jan said...

Jussi, wishing you an d all the family a Happy New Year.

meppybn said...

Thank you so much for that lovely gift - a little behind as you can see but it's been a busy time, hasn't it? These sodden skies make me feel like more knitting than is usual for a summer :) :)

Ruby Girl said...

It is lovely having family around at any time especially at christmas and seeing the little ones open their presents.