Monday, February 6, 2012

New design tuesday - Cosset

So, there are 3 patterns nearing the end of the process towards publishing right now...Aria, Evie and Cosset, however Cosset has dome a u-turn on me!

When I first asked for testers a few people asked about a "boy" version, and I agreed that this was an idea worth pursuing, then a very nice test knitter (who has a boy) gave me some great tips on how to make it more acceptable.

I have done away with the yarn overs, replacing them with a kfb, which means a little less give at the neck, resulting in the requirement to cast on provisionally, but thats not a biggie, we then scoot through the yoke, turning the work inside out after casting off the armholes, thus the yoke is worked in reverse stst without having to purl once - magic!

After working for a while in stst the garment is finished with a wide band of reverse stst and a sewn cast off to reduce the tendency to curl.

I've almost finished my version, which I'll try out on Cody, then its onto the ladies' version...this may take some thinking, I'm not keen on short row shaping using such heavy yarn...ah I know it will work itself out!

I'll leave you with a pic of the moldboard I used when I created the Plum blossom cardi, with the cardi photo added later, its a fun way to play around with ideas and colourways.

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