Monday, July 23, 2012

Free friday update

my apologies for the delay, I'm going to do a double draw this friday so keep entering!


meppybn said...

Hope you DO get to feeling better, much better, verrrrry soon!!! my pick is Riverstone - a cutie gender-neutral pattern :)

andrea said...

Today I'm loving Roaring Meg. So sorry to hear you have been down and out. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi I would love the dolly micture book :-)Sorry to hear of your
woes :-( No fun feeling unwell!!
henniepennie on raverly

Kylie said...

These sickness bugs really are hanging on this year aren't they. We are up to almost two weeks of sickness in this house and I still have DH in hospital:(
I am loving the Evie pattern. Now that Amelia is getting older the cute pattern stash that I have will not fit her for much longer.

Kylie said...

Oh - and I'm mumsbusycrafting on Rav