Friday, July 6, 2012

Free Friday - win a knitting pattern from Just Jussi!

Sorry I'm late again, I have been getting better but just yesterday I ended up with horrid sciatica, once again due to the after effects of GF, today I'm not much better and feel like an old woman groaning with pain every time I move! aaarrrgggh if this life telling me to slow down don't worry, I've got the message!

This week in the shop was lovely, I'm starting to get the hang of the point of sale system and the way things work, but I have definitely got the hang of chatting to customers and helping them with their knitting and purchases and I'm loving the interaction, being able to actually help someone and know that they have learnt something and leave happy, love, love, love it!

Now that I am able to work on Just Jussi again, I am busy editing my pattern layouts to enable them for print, so that you can buy them in your LYS. I've purchased new charting software because I hated working with my previous one, and the version I had was Windows based, so had to run in a partition on my hard drive...blah, blah, blah, long story short after much research I bought Stitch Mastery which has great service and back up, easy to understand processes and a lovely Ravelry group.  Stitchy mastery has vector based graphics so the charts always look crisp, and the charts are easy to edit, you can add your own words and edit fonts etc to make the chart fit with your pattern layout to make it look nice.

This weeks winner is number 4

That is Jessica, who has requested the Dolly Mixture e-book (I have gifted it to you via Ravelry Jessica) Jessica specifically mentioned the Matryoshka vest (its my favourite too!)

The e-book contains patterns for a sweet cardigan, vest and bubble skirt for sizes 1-8 years, and charts for a large Matryoshka, a set of 3 Matryoshka, a set of 2 Kokeshi (shown on skirt) and a small single kokeshi so that you can decide which design to put on which garment.

I'm sticking with this format for a few more weeks, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which pattern you would like to win (either look at my website or Ravelry). 
So, go to the comments and tell me which pattern you would like - good luck!

- please include your Ravelry name or your email address (you can space it out to avoid spambots)- I will gift the pattern via Ravelry, if you do not belong to Rav I will email the .pdf to you- winner (s) are drawn sometime on Friday, this means "Friday afternoon/evening New Zealand time"- the winner (s) are chosen by random number generator (I use this one now)- you may enter even if you have won before.


Jan said...

Glad you are feeling better. Don't test the recovery too much or too soon. I remember my boys decided to walk into Lawson village when they had it. They were almost better. They went 50 metres up road from Mum's and came back. Exhausted.

Sciatica is very, very painful. I use a gel pack heated in microwave when it attacks me. I find it helps and localises the heat so I don't feel too hot all over.
(Not in running for pattern. Share the love around)

Rachel said...

I'm trying to plan a time when I can skive off work and come in and see you! :) In the meantime... I'd love to win Aria
Rachel C

Minimiss said...

Well done Jessica.

Victoria still for me.

Minimiss (Rav)

Minimiss said...

Well done Jessica.

Victoria still for me.

Minimiss (Rav)

GOLL said...

I love the look of Aria.

KathyR said...

Ah, the Matroyshka pattern! I don't know why I've never noticed that one before. I know a certain someone (a grown-up someone!) who would love me forever if I made them something with that on it! ;)

saskyumchar said...

Hi, great to read the job's going well :) Mister Man for me please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing me to enter again. I love the Aria pattern

Anonymous said...

Hi I would love the dolly mixture book, thanks for the comp
henniepennie on raverly

noisybabe007 said...

Good to hear you are feeling better!

I would like to win the Victoria cardi :-)

Rav name: Noisybabe007