Wednesday, September 26, 2012


No, we are not moving again!
However the old website has finally shuffled off and has been replaced by a commercial platform, so much easier for me to care for and update than that lumbering old albatross I had before.

My problem was that when I transferred to a Mac it was suddenly difficult to find inexpensive web building software and templates, so I had to build from the base up. It was a big job and I am not an I.T. person, so it was mostly alright, but I just couldn't make it do all of the things I wanted.

Recently a friend gave me a great big push, we discussed all of the possibilities inherent in this new direction and now here I am, dipping my toe in the water.

Currently my downloadable patterns and a small amount of corresponding yarn are available, hardcopies of 5 of my patterns will be available by the end of the week, some more yarn, some hand painted yarn, a little bit of will all flow through...but the focus is still on the patterns, the patterns that inspire me and encourage me to keep growing.

for the rest of this week I am offering a 20% discount on downloadable patterns, use the code Q856R783NBK at the checkout (one use per person) and share it with your friends.

see you there!

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