Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday again?

I'm not asking where the last week went, rather I'm asking where the last 3 weeks went! Time seems to be moving very fast and very slowly at the same time.

Flash has been studying full-time  and working full-time for the past two years, to say it has been hard for him is an understatement, to say it has been hard on me is the same (but not as hard as it has been on him!).

I have had to takeover 90% of the household tasks, whilst trying to raise a baby business and work all the hours. We are both exhausted. We have forgotten what a social life looks like, we don't know the names of any of the cool bars or eateries in the city. If we do go out it is for an hours or so at a local restaurant or cafe then back to work.

Two more weeks until his final exam and then it is all over, except that it feels like we have been saying "just two more weeks " for the past month. It feels like that last week of pregnancy, every day feels like a week and then suddenly it all went by too fast and you are buying a school uniform for a five year old.

We won't know ourselves in two weeks time....but then I'm starting a two year Digital photography diploma course in March, so we will be back on the hamster wheel, but I certainly won't be doing all the housework!

Today I took some time out for Christmas shopping, and bought something for myself. This i-cord machine was on sale, I've been looking for one for ages and this is the best I have seen. I'm planning on using up some fingering yarn which has been lying around the place for far too long and making some hats and scarves for Christmas presents. I love i-cord but anything more than a few feet is always a pain to make, I used to use the knitting machine to make it, but that has been in the garage for a couple of years, and going back and forth over a little area for so long is bad for the shoulder. This little guy makes a metre or more a minute and you can rope curious onlookers in to make a couple of cheeky metres before they get bored.

Purchased from Spotlight Henderson on sale for around $23, usually around $29.
Uses 4-5 ply, cast on with a firm, smooth yarn and then change to your main yarn if your main yarn is prone to breakage (only a problem for the first couple of cms).

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be making i-cord.

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Lopdell House Gallery said...

I did this when I was a little girl, on a wooden cotton reel. We called it 'rats tail' but Mum said it was French Knitting. Lopdell House Gallery had a whole exhibition of gorgeous clothing made from this i-cord/french knitting a couple of years back. Emma Churchill an eco-minded artist created some lovely items. They can be found by searching her name and fashion or knitting with it and looking at the images. There was even an image of us that was associated with it, from the first knitting workshop.