Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 2014!

Ah, my poor little neglected blog.

Social media takes up so much time, time I would rather spent working!

I do like reading back over the blog though, and it has just turned nine...nine years blogging, thats 20% of my life right here in words and pictures.

I like that.

So, this little blog will stay and hopefully I will find better ways to work so that I can update more often.

This year is going to be busy, I'm going to be studying part time as well as designing full-time.
The study will have positive spin-offs for the blog as I am studying for a certificate in digital photography, specialising in portrait photography.

I'm back to work today after a lovely, long, relaxing holiday, and I realised that I may not have told you about this lovely , easy cowl pattern I released just before Christmas. H─źnaki is a lovely squishy cowl with a simple , easy to memorise pattern repeat. A perfect last minute gift.

Happy New Year everybody, I'll see you again soon!


Ruby Girl said...

Happy new year Jussi. Nice cowl. You have a very busy year ahead. good luck with it all.

Ally and Woozle said...

Happy ( belated ) new year Jussi! ^_^