Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aviatrix Baby Helmet

Here is the pattern for those who have not yet joined Ravelry (you know you really should...)

a few notes:
- work more rows at the back for a snugger fit
- thinner yarn smaller hat, thicker yarn bigger hat - adults have made these for themselves!
- 2 buttonholes mean the strap will fit longer
- knit the wraps or don't knit the wraps, I really don't care, it is your preference (btw, I didn't)


Administrator said...

I am just about finished making this sweet hat. Looks great. Your directions were perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Imene said...

Such a beautiful hat. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Just loved this hat - I have made so many for my nieces and nephews to enjoy this winter. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Patti, Santa Ana, Ca.

Danielle said...

I just made my first and let me tell you, there will be many more!

Unknown said...

I am a beginning knitter and this was a great project to boost my confidence. Two evenings and the hat was finished for my new grandson.


Diana said...

I love this hat, so easy to make. My daughter would like one. Do you have this in a adult pattern? or how would I make an adult pattern any ideas would greatly be appreciated. Diana

wyldeflowyr said...

This hat's adorable! I love how you included all the baby pics with the pattern - all so cute!

Pannouschka said...

Köszönjük a magyar fordítást!

Hannah said...

I just finished making this hat and loved it so much I decided to make another one. I couldn´t get the same yarn so got worsted weight - but when I follow worsted pattern it is way too small - is it possible there is an error in the worsted pattern?

Justine said...

Hi Hannah,
yarns vary wildly, a DK can be more like a sport weight, a worsted can be like a DK.
The most important thing is to get gauge, then your garments will turn out the correct size.

Adrii said...

Hi Jussi!!!
I loved to knit this hat for my little niece, but I don´t find the pattern.


Anonymous said...

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