Friday, January 26, 2007

exciting times!

moving house is a busy process, there is always something to do, sort out, find - always urgently, always at the last minute, and generally it involves people who do not comprehend the level of urgency - without a sense of humour we would be in the madhouse by now!

but this shift is actually going rather smoothly, yes we have had to live in a hotel for almost a month, but we have a lounge/dining and kitchenette, and the girls have their own room in the main building, so we have had enough space - though I have had to demonstrate the knitting machine to the cleaners, they were wondering about the lady with the piles of books and wool and machinery! The other upside of being of "no fixed abode" is that I only have to sort out the washing, the cleaning and cooking are done by others - I will miss that!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, our container has cleared customs (they didn't even raise their eyebrows at the massive amounts of wool!) and we move into our house this coming tuesday, I can't wait until my workroom is set up and functioning - photos will be immediately forthcoming - when my husband has built all of the IKEA...

as for Just Jussi - we are being welcomed home wonderfully, I have tried to keep things low-key due to the fact that production levels are restricted by the fact we are living in a hotel, I thought I might get a bit of a holiday - but the Womans Weekly promotion has been successful, and I have a number of PR leads to follow up on, I am really going to hit the ground running, the knitting machines will be set up before the home theater is! luckily the kids are old enough to get their own rooms sorted out.

the first of our 2 kittens will be coming to live with us next wednesday - she already loves wool - look out for gratuitous kitten photos next week
all the best

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