Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It has been a big year from the beginnings of Just Jussi, and I feel that it is time that the business blog separated from the personal blog – Just Jussi is gaining a life and momentum of it’s own and is heading in a direction towards the needs of our parents and babies, while my personal blog is my place to document my adventures and exploration.

To this end, here we have the new Just Jussi blog, I intend to update the blog weekly, instead of sending out a monthly newsletter, so that you are free to look in your own time, without more information clogging up your email, add our RSS feed to your blog aggregator and the process is even simpler!

I will show new products and lines here, describe my design process – the headaches and the joys, showcase the yarns I use, and tell you about other related projects I am involved in.

Until next week

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