Sunday, May 4, 2008

Surprises and prizes!

Yesterday morning I made the weekly pilgrimage to our post box - I say pilgrimage because it is located in one of the busiest shopping malls in Auckland, parking is a killer (yeah - there are 5 minute parking spots for box owners - unfortunately they are always full, with cars that seem to stay much longer than 5 minutes) and have you seen the price of petrol lately???

My feelings of listlessness were immediately dissipated by the contents of the box though - amid the pile of bills and junk mail was a squishy bag, and in the squishy bag was some yummy squishy yarn! Hand dyed sock yarn from Vintage Purl to be exact in the "Autumn sunrise" colourway, the deep oranges and purples are gorgeous and will make very nice Anastasia socks (apologies to those not on Ravelry - go join)

Thank you so much to Stella for running a competition that I actually had a chance of winning! and to Morag for dyeing such beautiful yarn.

I was on my own this weekend - me, the cats, the Golden Compass and the latest series of Outrageous Fortune on dvd, torrential rain and my pyjamas - it was all good, and while I continued to knit away at my little skirts in progress, I had an idea - here is the beginning of it...I am feeling very happy with this one.

More to follow sooner than later.

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