Sunday, May 11, 2008


The Riverstone sweater in sage, with naturally grey ceramic buttons

sometimes I start with an idea and see it through to it's conclusion - many and varied changes along the way, an idea for a vest may wend it's way through the back alleys of my brain and eventually emerge as a dress, so many ideas come whilst actually knitting that I have to have a sketchbook nearby ready for inspiration to strike.

This sweater is different - it looks just as I imagined, but it was a still a journey to get it right - the body part was frogged 4 times at various stages, but I didn't give up - I knew it would work eventually.

Currently being test knit, pattern available soon


jae said...

It is very cute! I love the way the buttons are placed on the side.

Navi said...

It's lovely, hurry up with the pattern! one of my best friends is having a baby soon

SallyO said...

I WANT that pattern! It's gorgeous and I think will be the next MUST HAVE. Congratulations.

Helen said...

I love that pattern. It looks so great. Hopefully you will have it available before my soon to be born baby gets too big.

SallyO said...

Is this pattern nearly ready? I LOVE IT!