Friday, May 30, 2008


Riverstone is a beautiful sweater - if I do say so myself, simple, elegant and useful, it is also obstreporous, recalcitrant and downright obnoxious at present and my pattern testers are SAINTS to still be wrestling with this beast. Yarn is (mostly) an organic thing, and as such has quirks and is subject to gravity - this has caused many problems with the pattern sizing, the larger the garment, the more it wants to grow by has been a bit horrible...but it will all be fine in the end and we will have a decent, trustworthy pattern at the end of the process, and I will hopefully still have my sanity.

In the meantime I have been working on more skirts, I'm not ready to show you the completed article yet, as I am knitting a kimono style jacket to complement this skirt and it is not finished - so here is Gen from the Knit rangers to give you a sneak peek... the little kekoshi dolls are not the only offering for little girls - I have designed intarsia charts for a Matryoshka, corncob, ragdoll and Sangoma dollies, there is much that goes on behind the scenes here, and I still haven't even given you the patterns for those obis!
As for my own personal knitting? hmmm a garter st scarf for Flash, more handwarmers for Blaise and poor dear Mackenzie's Weasley sweater - lucky it's a long weekend here!

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