Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Growing colder

"And who by fire, who by water,
who in the sunshine, who in the night time,
who by high ordeal, who by common trial,
who in your merry merry month of may"
Leonard Cohen

May did indeed give me some trials, and June has started with triumph not ordeals.

The beautiful Vintage Purl "Autumn sunrise" yarn has become fingerless gloves for when the weather is not cold enough for the claustraphobia inducing gloves and mittens, but the knuckles are feeling a twinge or two.
My fingerless mitts are designed and finished, a punchard for "feather and fan" lace using the garter carriage has been calculated and constructed - though not tested, Blaise's fingerless mitts are finished, as is Flash's garter st scarf- a feat of endurance knitting for sure, and a photo will hopefully appear tomorrow, he has worn it today, a worthwhile weekends knitting.

Machine knitters - this one is for you.

"Pithy" directions for Fingerless Mitts
fits small to large woman's hand
Using sock yarn (3-4 ply) cast on 48 sts on the main bed, if using a ribber you will have to arrange the needles for a 4x2 rib, if using a G carriage - make a card or mylar with 4 x 2 rib. Centre "0" should have 1 st on each side, then a group of 4 on each side of that, then 2, then 4 etc. I used tension 9 on the G-carriage, that equates to around a 7 with the ribber.

Work 6 rows, then work a cable on each of the 4 sts either side of the centre 2 sts, using 2 x 2 prong tools pick up the 2 sts on the left and twist them in front of the 2 sts on the right, work the other cable in the opposite direction.
Repeat these 7 rows 6 more times.
Work 2 rows then place a piece of waste yarn for the thumb, 2 sts in from the left, knit 8 sts with the waste yarn, place needles back in the correct position, then work 40 rows 4 x 2 rib.
Cast off loosely.
Sew seam neatly.
Thumb: pull waste yarn out gently, and place 8 sts at top and 7 sts on bottom onto 2 DPNs (approximately 2.5-3mm), knitting in 1 x 1 rib knit work across 6 sts from bottom needle, then use another DPN and knit 1 st from needle, then pick up 2 sts from side of thumb, then 3 sts from top needle, work across needle, then pick up 2 sts from other side of thumb. Work 10 rows total then cast off loosely in rib.

Work the other mitt placing thumb on the other side of work.
Another option for the thumb is to omit the WY step, and just leave a hole when sewing up the side seam, I prefer a warmer thumb.

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