Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So much to do, so little to say...

I have recently bought a chunky knitting machine, and have re-organised my studio in order to incorporate it in a more pleasing way, my evenings have been spent spring cleaning said machine, and ordering spares from the ever patient machine repair man, the machine is not in working order yet, but when the spares arrive it will be the cleanest second hand machine in existence! I've been working on cleaning all of the machine parts outside on the decks off my studio to avoid having kerosene and machine oil fumes in the house, and the neighbours have been looking up at me funny - maybe it's the podcasts?

The previous blog contained much about my life - children, husband, travels, subjects which stepped in to fill the breach when knitting talk was slow, that doesn't happen here, and inevitably I sometimes grasp for topics of interest.
All of my knitting is "secret" at present, I have finished all of my personal knitting (except poor dear Mackenzies Weasley sweater, this has now been ripped back completely and a new silhouette designed) I am working on a DK weight kimono style jacket, which I am finding enjoyable, have a semi-lace hat in the offing and the Riverstone testing is pottering along.
In yarn purchase news I thought I would show you this:

clever handpainted sock yarn from A swell yarn, with a an extra small skein for heels and toes! delightful, and not just for socks. The package arrived within 4 days!

My other major (in size, not in cost) purchase this week has been bamboo needles from 8season in China , I bought 2 sets of circulars (100 and 80 cm) a set of standard needles, and some stitch markers a few weeks ago, and the quality was so good that the Knit Rangers decided to do a group purchase, the prices are wholesale - but you must purchase over $30 US worth of products, yep like that was difficult! The sets of circular needles were around $10 US for 15 different sizes, and the knitting accessories are very similar to well known brands. These needles are smooth and supple, the cords are flexible plastic tube which are well fixed (mine have undergone vigourous pulling) they have the size laser printed on the needle and the sizes are correct - all up a very positive experience, and they too took less than a week to arrive.

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marisa said...

I am sooo glad when i came across your blog. Here is also a 8season shopper.i couldn't agree more with you.~~ those needls and knitting accessories really nice. especially the fabulous customer service and prompt shipping.I will definitelly get some more from there. LOL