Thursday, June 12, 2008

looking forward to friday night

I'm in no mood for going out tonight - it's clear and cold out, so we're hanging out at home, a roaring fire, chicken chilli risotto (sorry no hyperlink ! the recipe is in my head!) and a bottle of Red Metal Merlot Cabernet franc.

Another good reason for staying in this friday night...the delivery of 4 wonderful new books..."Couture knits" by the Grand dame of knits - Jean Moss, Knitting for men from Martin Storey and Wendy Baker, Stephanie Japel's "Fitted knits" - if my kids see this one they may just start knitting more than accessories! and glory of glories Veronique Avery's gorgeous "Knitting classic style".
I'm eyeing up my chair, my knitting will have to wait.

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