Friday, July 4, 2008

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind!"

The wind blows, the lightening flashes and the rain pelts the windows ferociously, the studio has been reorganised and is even lighter and airier than before, I have lit the woodburner up here for the first time and the effect is comforting, efficient and cosy - perfect for the day I have planned...finishing Mackenzie's sweater, writing up a pattern for a simple wee hat, snuggling up in my wingback chair and watching a movie while I knit another linen washcloth.

The hat pattern will follow shortly, but I'll tell you the story first...Mel McMillan sent me a sample of Woolganic yarn to try, and I am very impressed - this 100% wool yarn is incredibly soft and sproingy (that's a technical term!) and the colour range is much more sophisticated than the usual offerings, once I have finished my current crop of designs I will be experimenting with garments using this yarn for the Just Jussi range - but in the meantime I have designed a baby hat- which uses 25 grams of this DK weight yarn. I had an idea in my head of using the spiralling decreases necessary in a hat to create the organic bending of fern fronds - the Silver fern is a symbol of New Zealand, and the unfurling tip of the frond - the "koru" is a sacred symbol of creation and hope for the future - perfect for a baby! first attempt did not bend at all - the fern fronds sat stolidly, stubbornly straight - but I had my answer, the second attempt gave me the elements I was looking for, the fern fronds gently angling and terminating in 3 i-cord koru hence the name of the pattern.

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sue said...

Oh it is so cute. I just received my 10 balls of that wonderful cotton and I cannot wait to use it.