Friday, July 4, 2008

"A harmless necessary cat"

a few months back , wandering around Etsy, I bought a present for a friend - as soon as I saw these little stitch markers I knew that she would love them, and she did.

Weeones creator Jillian willingly accepted a funny little request from me - to make stitch markers in the image of my cats Frasier and Layla - a little bit of of vanity for posterity, a bit of fun and frivolity, Jillian did a brilliant job - the Frasiers even have little paw pads and a spotted tummy! Postage was very reasonable and fast, and they were packaged beautifully.

(you just have to love her sock monkeys, cheese varieties and chickens too!)
(the promised pattern will be available soon - my beautifully planned yesterday was ruined by a broken crown - so I'll be at the emergency dentist today...)

1 comment:

Donna said...

My most favourite stitch markers! Love the Frasier ones, so cute :)