Friday, July 25, 2008

battening down

I figured the situation was serious when I heard my Dad on the radio.

I was standing in line at an electronics store, buying a camera for Holly who was due to arrive this morning, suddenly my brain became aware of the familiar voice and I realised that it had to be important - he is head of an emergency service - the weather was threatening ferocity, a weather bomb is expected at midnight. Thoughts rush through my head - the emergency kit is ready, we have supplies, I have yarn, the kids are all home, call Mum - who confirms the level of concern.

Cross fingers that Holly and Nick's flight will not be cancelled.

Aucklanders tend to be blase about weather warnings, we're a laid back lot, rain does not faze us (but rain fade annoys us - especially when an important rugby game is underway)

Holly and Nick have arrived safely, they are here for 24 hours and we have missed the midwinter Christmas dinner at Nana's, trees are down all over the place, Grandad is on-call and they don't want us to risk it, they will meet us for breakfast. We are tucked in warmly, both woodfires are roaring, hot chocolate and soup at the ready, here's hoping the power stays on!


Jillian said...

I'm glad they arrived safely... my fingers are crossed that your power stays on!

Kathryn said...

Being north of the equator I'm curious, what is a mid-winter Christmas? Do you celebrate in December and July, or just July? Are there presents? My kids would love 2 holidays. Frankly once a year is enough for me.

I'm glad your family members arrived safe.