Saturday, July 26, 2008

just quickly

Holly and Nick have been safely returned to Christchurch, it was lovely just having my eldest here - even if it was only 24 hours, her boyfriend is a sweet and thoughtful person and we had a wonderful time.

Mid-winter Christmas - is really just the feast you have at Christmas celebrated during the coldest part of the year (often around the shortest day) - in NZ that is usually July . proper Christmas is NZ is often celebrated at the beach, with BBQs and cold food (unless your family comes from the UK like mine - we have a hot Traditional Christmas dinner, in the heat...) We do not have decorations or presents at the fake Christmas, although if you are well organised you may have managed to put away some crackers (bonbons).

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the stripey tiger said...

Jussi, I haven't visited for ages but it's so nice to read that you are trucking along at your usual AMAZING pace! the Baby Ull looks great and I'm very envious of your hurt books. I left it too long to have a good look and by the time I did all the good ones were gone. :-) Stripey