Sunday, July 27, 2008

C is for Charlotte

completion, and contemplation of projects to come.
Above - Charlotte's grown up Weasley sweater, the "C" is in a pretty script, knitted using the intarsia method, the yarn is Paton's "Soft haze" 70% acrylic, 20% wool, 10% bamboo, I didn't like it much I'm afraid, but she chose it and she likes it, and it will stand up to her punishing laundery regime for a while, actually with that smidge of bamboo it may wear better than I am anticipating. The white yarn used for the "c" is a rayon/acrylic/wool blend with sequins. The design is very simple, set in sleeves and a slight scoop neck.

My sidewinder socks - 6 months from start to finish...nevermind they are done now!

Mirror twins in Noro Kureyon sock, which washed up beautifully. The grafting was a bit of a drama as this singles yarn twisted back on itself relentlessy for the first third, then it settled down. Speaking of grafting - this sock has shown me the meditative qualities of grafting, once you get into the rhythm it is actually very relaxing and enjoyable.

If you are interested in taking your grafting (and therefore your finishing) a step further, I am extremely impressed with the standard of Woolly wormhead's grafting tutorials - she has a method for every situation, I think her hat patterns are brilliant, but the book is worth it for the 8 kitchener stitch tutorials alone!

Mackenzie's sweater, Charlotte's sweater and the sideways socks, tick, tick,tick now my personal wips are clear and I have a little headspace I can go and dig out that baby kimono!


Sarah said...

I've used those grafting tutorials a few times myself, they are very good (I found the garter stitch one very helpful). :-)

Charlotte's jumper looks very cute. I'm still pondering my own monogrammed jumper (but with a much smaller S)! :-D

knitabulous said...

I read this post ages ago but didn't comment until now.

Jussi, it's so good to see Charlotte in one of your pictures and know that you are home. There was alway such a bittersweet tone to your family posts when you were in Sydney and that has all gone.

Not that I've met you at all; but hello Charlotte, you look like your mum!