Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas shopping

I've had a great week, indulging in one of my greatest passions - clothes shopping (though you wouldn't know it to look at me!) my favourite collection had their 6 monthly sale on the weekend, and I "saved" a fortune. Flash enjoys shopping for me just as much as I do, so there was no sneaking the bags into the wardrobe. My favourites would be the Jailbird dress and a skirt from their winter collection - painted silk with witty details and a fascinating construction. I think I am well and truly set (for another 6 months)

I've also been buying the Christmas presents for our girls, they are all earning their own money now - so I've told them I'm not buying clothes, dvds etc, just meaningful, handmade jewellery or art ( as meaningful and handmade as you can get for a reasonable price - remember there are 5 of them!) , they have come back to me with some beautiful pieces: jewelsvine is in New Zealand and has some funky, cute jewellery, strausilver not in NZ - but irresistable all the same, and I'mm thinking about these little vases for my Mum.

Have you found some special gifts this year? tell me, I'd love more ideas and I have to find something for myself ...I did find a handmade ceramic vase at the Lopdell gallery up in Titirangi, but Flash said "no" the cat will break it...he has threatened to buy me a Wii...noooooooo!

Oh and I almost forgot - for the man himself..."ties that don't suck" I have had to restrain myself from giving them to him early- they are that cool!

and no Blaise - you are not getting a puppy.


Sam said...

What I found funny here - is that you will be celebrating Xmas - and I had almost forgot - in the midst of Summer - thus the reference to Summer clothing..
We are still seeing rain and slush here in Canada! But not that much snow yet..

grannyg said...

oh I won't a wii!! Flash can buy me one, Mr T still thinks a wii is something you do in a small room