Wednesday, May 13, 2009

but not forgotten

I think of my blog everyday, sometimes I even write...and then delete...

I have a calendar stuck to the wall in front of my laptop - it's a countdown to something so wonderful, so exciting - but I can't share yet, the calendar lists a lot of hurdles I must jump before I get to the "good thing"

Blaise had a consult with a new (to us) orthopaedic surgeon yesterday, he had a lot of good news (we can see him at Starship hospital until she is 20 years old now - the last time we saw someone was 6 years ago and we were told she could go there until she was 15 then she would have to go to the adult hospital) he spent a lot of time assessing her emotional and mental health as it pertains to her body image and came to the same conclusion as her family "she's cool" he commented "you are probably the shortest 18 year old I have met in a while" and she replied "yes, but I'm cute!" which sums her attitude up nicely.

We are going back to see him in a year, and from the looks of things she will probably need another op, the lumbar curve is at 21 degrees, but the thoracic curve has moved from 38 to 45 over 6 years, Blaise is stoic - we'll do what has to be done and move on.

Vintage is almost over, today is Holly's last day - tomorrow she goes home to Christchurch - sad for us, but exciting for her, now that she has a home of her own there and a brand new neice - Pippa, who was born last weekend (yes, I have knitted her a pink homespun merino Aviatrix (here for non-ravellers), and am half way through a green homespun one)
(some Aviatrix related stats which have me excited - 144 projects, 1236 "loves" and 2151 downloads!)
speaking of free patterns, I'll share my philosophy here:
- I share patterns that I have made for friends or family because they are cute or because I have been asked to, so I usually only include 1 or 2 sizes.
- I do not usually include schematics and sometimes I expect the knitter to make some calculations or find out some information for themselves, unlike most of my "for sale" patterns - which include masses of information.
- I do not re-size or re-write these patterns.
- I do reply to emails and assist knitters with these patterns - as with any of my patterns.
some people think that a free pattern is a good representation of a designer's "for sale" patterns, I can't agree - I do put time and effort into my free patterns, but nowhere near the weeks I put into my "for sale" patterns, if I did all of the things I have listed above I would have to charge - and some designs (like the Aviatrix) are just to cute, and too much fun to knit not to share them.


Anonymous said...

sigh. I know you are far away but you aren't forgotten your blog. I reckon it's best to blog when and if you feel like it....It's working for me that way too.

weebug said...

i'm echoing your thoughts on blogging here too. but i love seeing your name pop up via twitter.