Monday, May 18, 2009

wherever you go - there you are

so, I'm supposed to be writing up a new pattern, I'm sitting at my desk looking out of the window, the valley is cloaked in kauri trees - huge NZ native trees and underlying bush a deep verdant green except where the setting sun has burnished it with a golden light. The liquidamber immediately outside my window - has leaves the colours of rubies, toffee and dried blood and the palm beside it is striking green, orange and yellow.

I can open the door to the balcony on this side of my studio and listen to Tuis singing, children playing in the park, my cats chirruping to one another, watch hawks swoop on hidden prey and breathe the cleanest air you can imagine 20 minutes from the centre of town, I can stand here where there is no wind, sipping tea and enjoy the stillness.
but stillness is not what I crave - although it is what I need, what I crave is Newtown on a thursday morning, bustling and busy, loud and colourful. I feel very creative when life is busy, Flash mentions an upcoming position in Sydney, I can tell he is fishing we look at Inner West house prices, it is do-able, we could swap our 250 square metre home for a 3 bedroom rabbit hutch with a view over the park...

I already live across the road from a park, I love to listen to the children building huts and swings, the puppy training, Dads kicking a ball around with their kids. The inspiration here is a quieter kind, it creeps up and envelopes you, infiltrates your senses, has clarity. I need a still life right now - the children are in that independent but still dependent phase, and my extended family needs calm water for a while. I realise that my creativity comes from inside me, that wherever I go - I'm still me.


Lara said...

Ooooo! You are a tease :)

I am having visions of lazy afternoons with cupcakes and knitting. It sounds like a lot of upheaval, but we'd so love to have you back!


Leonie said...

Such a deep post, lovely

M-H said...

Children independent yet dependent - that's a phase that could go on pretty much for ever. Ask me how I know... :)