Wednesday, June 17, 2009

100 kinds of good

he IS a squishy! Inigo and I talked about birds and water and kids, he loved the books I brought with me from New Zealand, and we all enjoyed listening to Donna reading "Willie wants to wee wee" by NZ author and creator of Footrot Flats Murray Ball (isbn: 1869436717)and I was so happy to finally meet him and squeeze him.
I can't list all of my lovely friends who were amongst the 80 people knitting in the sun at Darling Harbour, but these two (and the squishie's gorgeous Mum Lara) made me cry the most - these are the people I didn't want to fall in love with because I knew I would have to leave Oz one day, but I couldn't help it, Donna, Ailsa and I are knitting soulmates and luckily we have adorable husbands who think our conversations and passion for our craft are endearing. I'm afraid I took next to no photos - I was too busy catching up. I have noticed though that Ailsa and I have very similar hair, and they are luckily a lot more organised than me - having better photos on their blogs.
I'll be back soon with Flash, and I'll definitely be at Knitting Camp next year - make mine a mojito!


Donna said...

You'll be welcomed back every time with open arms xx

knitabulous said...

That could be one of the best photos of me ever taken.

Roll on knitting camp.

Lara said...

You'll be happy to know that we have read "Wille Wants To Wee Wee" approximately four million eight hundred and forty nine thousand four hundred and sixty three times since Saturday.

I think he likes it :)