Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm very excited - tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane and popping across the ditch to see a lot of my favourite people, and to meet some for the first time. I better bring my waterproof mascara. It has taken me 2 years to be happy to go back - and this event was the perfect catalyst.

Sydney WWKIP event is at Darling harbour, which also happens to be the place that Flash and decided we would be open to Sydney if the chance arose, the place that on another evening we made the decision to accept a transfer offer, the place we enjoyed many candlelit dinners together and the place we partied with friends and family.

I'm not good with names, I try, but I'll know your face, I am very shy - so just come and remind me - if not at the WWKIP then at Kinokuniya in the craft section or Morris and Sons, the button shop or David Jones chocolate shop.
If you are in Auckland there will be knitters at the War memorial museum from 2pm (actually I know a few who will be there earlier) go and join them!


SallyO said...

Really looking forward to having you join us!

Lara said...

Inigo is really looking forward to it too. Though he isn't aware of it yet ;)