Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy busy

WIP update:
Flash's vest is 20% finished - not certain if he will get it this winter, we'll see!

I started a Baktus this morning, using my hand dyed handspun superwash merino (above) in the "60 seconds" colourway (you know the ad - lichen, moss and mildew - just spray and walk away!) I blame Ailsa for this - her Baktus was so lovely and versatile, I just had to make one for myself. It is racing along, very addictive and great tv knitting.

and this is a version of the Ruffle lace scarf I cast on 200 sts and am working in garter st, increasing every 4th row, using 2 skeins of Madil Kid Seta in the the 681 this yarn despite the imaginative colour description, it makes other Mohairs feel like a brillo pad.

I'm also working on a mitred square baby blanket - no photos yet.

I have finally finished most of my secret projects - phew! I can start sharing my work with you again soon.


Catherynne said...

You did handspun! Yay you! :-)

Ruby Girl said...

That reminds me reading this post that I haven't taken photos of my baktus. Yes they are addictive and look great in so many different yarns. I hear you had a lovely time in Sydney it was nice to see your photo on friends blogs.