Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rainy days

are great knitting days - no guilt at the vege garden not being weeded, the pool not being cleaned.
The Baktus and The Ruffle scarf they are finished!

The Ruffled scarf is not Blaise's despite her pleas, she is free to knit one for herself.

the pain of denial was cushioned somewhat by Tiramisu cupcakes, the latest in the Uni holiday cupcake trials.

The recipe is from Martha Stewart - we implore you to make them mini-muffin size, regular cupcake size is just too much! and definitely make the espresso-marsala syrup, we did half and half with vanilla syrup and while still good it lacked the oomph of the coffee.

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castingontrouble said...

OMG Tirimisu cupcakes - heaven!!