Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beyond the pale

I'm hatching a plan this week, I have a strategy worked out
and expect to be head down bum up working my little heart out.
I got off to a head start on saturday - spending a couple of hours
playing with natural dyes

I am always amazed at the depth of colour that can be acheived with sawdust, crushed bugs and the contents of the baking shelf.

The lipstick pink on the right is my favourite - cochineal overdyed with the remnants of the purple dyepot, I twisted the skein into a tight knot and let the dye get in where it could - resulting in a riot of pinks and reds.

The crimson is cochineal and citric acid - don't tell Flash that I used the big mortar and pestle to grind up the dried bugs - he just doesn't understand!

The pale pink on the felted single is the ever lovely rose madder, unfortunately I do not have enough yarn for a little Roaring Meg - I think the pairing would be delightful.

The deep mauve and pale lilac were the result of mixing brazilwood with bicarb, the shock of colour when the bicarb hits the brown/orange liquid in the dyepot always gives me a thrill. The purple is not known for it's permanence, but it lasts a long time then slowly fades - I would be happy with that for a baby garment - knowing that it is non-toxic and won't lose all of it's colour. The pale lilac shade was created by diluting the dye to 20%.

More info on dyeing with natural dyes is in my tutorial here

Coming attractions: over the next few weeks I hope to have available

  • kits containing yarn dyed by me - using natural and manmade dyes, pattern and accessories for delightful wee items for the littlies in your life.
  • Clipper - seriously people this pattern has been a pig, it looks gorgeous - but there is so much going on in some of the rows that it has been a nightmare!
  • more tutorials and techniques on the website
  • a vest for every male in your life from teeny weeny to big and hairy

fingers and toes crossed!

Now back to work - 1 secret project ready to send and lot's to do while waiting for another to arrive.


knitabulous said...

All Sounding Very Exciting!!!

Good luck this week, I hope your plans stay on track, mine never do.

Catherynne said...

Ooh! Tis looking lovely. Where on earth do you rustle up cochineal bugs?! I have a mortar and pestle just itching to smash bugs ;-)

Jasmine said...

you used his pestle??? the colours look gorgeous - you have been busy!!