Sunday, July 19, 2009

tread carefully

we visited the NZ Jewellery show yesterday - I was overwhelmed by the level of skill, imagination, wit and humour of our indie jewellery designers, my favourite items were created by Nadine Smith little anonymous fragile dolls augmented with mechanical devices demonstrating how we are supported by medical science, breathtaking.

then there were the delightful Social butterflies not jewellery, these are a set of 9 butterflies which you attach to a wall, 2 or 3 sets would make for an eye-catching display on a fence or wall.

In knitting news, there has been progress on Flash's vest as the secret skirt if finished awaiting a final conference on embellishment, the little sister blanket is 1/2 finished as it is very portable, and I have ideas falling out of my head all over the place at the moment - just not enough hands or hours! KnitRangers was inspirational, rollicking fun as usual yesterday, but I didn't manage to get much actual knitting done!

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