Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life keeps on slipping, slipping into the future

bad blogger!
I have had good reasons - spring has sprung in New Zealand - so full of renewed excitement for life, Flash and I sat down and did our 1yr/5 yr plan - this one is a lot tamer than the past couple - looks like we will be staying put for a while. We have chosen to be more grounded - to focus on family and home, we will still travel - but a overseas postings are way down on the list.

I sat in my studio and had a good think about who I am and where I am heading...and then sold 2 of the knitting machines and put the rest in storage, cleared out the yarn I will never use and the books I will never read and put them on Trademe too...from the proceeds I bought a very nice couch (on Trademe) for which the cat will be eternally grateful in that "thank you for buying me such a comfy bed" way, and cleared the clutter (and it isn't just hidden...it is gone!) my current wip (a cardiganised adult version of Kikkie) has been put aside while I whip up some cushions (more info soon) and I'm scouting for just the right rug.
Flash kindly moved the wine fridge and antique spirits collection into the dining room where they belong - giving me even more space, but we are still in negotiations about the tv and lazyboy... still it means we can be together in the evenings, while he watches and I potter, and pottering is how I came up with this cute pincushion...which could also be used as an oversize button (very now) if made smaller.

This started with me wondering how to make a flower pincushion in knitting, then realising that my Aviatrix hat provides the perfect leaping off point.
I am not writing a flash pattern for this - think EZ.
Kina Pincushion
Get some feltable wool, preferably 2 or 3ply and 3mm or 3.25mm needles (fabric needs to be reasonably loose)
(you can use any thickness yarn you like - the flower will be larger or smaller - you can also cast on less sts and work to less sts from the ends to make it smaller)
Cast on 34 sts using a provisonal cast on, then work as follows:
Row 1:(right side) slip the 1st st, knit to 5 sts from the end, wrap and turn
Row 2: purl to 5 sts from the end, wrap and turn
Row 3: knit to 10 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 4: purl to 10 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 5: knit to 15 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 6: purl to 15 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 7: knit to 10 sts from end, wrap and and turn
Row 8: purl to 10 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 9: knit to 5 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 10: purl to 5 sts from end, wrap and turn
Row 11: knit to end
Row 12: slip the first st, purl to end.
repeat 9 x
graft these sts to cast on sts, close up one end using a running stitch then pulling it tight. Using polyfill stuff the flower firmly, then close the other end. You now have a flattish ball shaped like a Kina (sea urchin)

Felt using your favourite method.
When dry, use embroidery thread to seperate the "petals" start in the centre, then take the thread over and through to the front centre, pull tightly, then take thread back to the back centre at a 180 degree angle to the first, divide the flower into 8 sections, ensuring the thread is pulled tightly each time, then secure firmly and sew a button into the centre to hide the knot.

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2paw said...

Very Clever Thinking!! Thanks for the pattern.